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Timer model to manage some countdown. Useful for classic pomodoro or any time-progress states, like notifications.

import { reatomTimer } from '@reatom/timer'
// all options are not required, here are the defaults
const pomodoroAtom = reatomTimer({
name: 'pomodoroAtom',
interval: 1000, // `1000`ms - tick each second. Than lower, then more precise
delayMultiplier: 1000, // `1000`ms allow to pass seconds to startTimer. Use `1` to pass ms
progressPrecision: 2, // progress will be rounded to 2 digits after dot
resetProgress: true, // progress will be reset to 0 on end of timer

The timer itself contains the ms remaining to the end of the timer (0 before start). Here is the list of available states and methods:

  • progressAtom (Atom<number>) - from 0 to 1, (delay - remains) / delay
  • intervalAtom (AtomMut<number>) - interval of ticks in ms
  • startTimer (Action<[delay: number, passed?: number], Promise<void>>) - start timer with the delay and optional start point
  • stopTimer (Action<[], void>) - stop timer manually
  • pauseAtom (AtomMut<boolean>) - allow to pause timer
  • pause (Action<[], boolean>) - switch pause state
  • endTimer (Action<[], void>) - track end of timer. Do not call manually!