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This utility helps to deserialize a plain (JSON) data structure to a reactive data model.


Terminal window
npm i @reatom/npm-zod



You can find an example here:

import { parseAtoms } from '@reatom/framework'
import { reatomZod } from '@reatom/npm-zod'
import * as z from 'zod'
export const User = z.object({
id: z.string().readonly(),
email: z.string().readonly(),
name: z.string(),
age: z.number().optional(),
const KEY = 'user-data'
export const model = reatomZod(User, {
sync(ctx) {
localStorage.setItem(KEY, JSON.stringify(parseAtoms(ctx, model)))
initState: JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(KEY) || '{}'),



This section describes how types coverts to a specific atoms.

union type creates an atom with all possible state variants and discriminatedUnion creates an atom with all possible atoms variants.