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A set of operators to transform actions payload or an atoms state in a FRP style. Simply put, this package is convenient for reactive processing of actions and effects. But some operators could be useful for data processing too, like filter, delay (debounce, throttle) and sample.

included in @reatom/framework


Simple map utility, which allow you to receive previous dependency state by a second optional argument.

import { mapState } from '@reatom/lens'

// this is a typical code which have a problem with extra updates
// in case when an element of the list changes not `myProp`
export const filteredListAtom = atom((ctx) =>
  ctx.spy(listAtom).map((obj) => obj.myProp),
// `mapState` could help to solve this problem, as it pass previous state as a second argument
export const bAtom = listAtom.pipe(
  mapState((ctx, list, prevState) => {
    const newState = => obj.myProp)
    return isShallowEqual(newState, prevState) ? prevState : newState


Sometimes you already have filteredListAtom from the previous example and it have no internal memoization. So you could use filter operator to prevent extra updates.

Updates filtered by comparator function, which should return true, if new state should continue to propagate. It uses isShallowEqual from utils package by default.

import { filter } from '@reatom/lens'
import { isShallowEqual } from '@reatom/utils'

export const listMemoAtom = filteredListAtom.pipe(filter())
// equals to
export const listMemoAtom = filteredListAtom.pipe(
  filter((ctx, next, prev) => !isShallowEqual(next, prev)),

This operator could filter actions too!

import { filter } from '@reatom/lens'

export const linkClicked = onDocumentClick.pipe(
  filter((ctx, event) => === 'A'),


Map payload of each action call. Resulted action is not callable.

import { mapPayload } from '@reatom/lens'

export const changeFullname = changeName.pipe(
  mapPayload((ctx, { firstName, lastName }) => `${firstName} ${lastName}`),

You could pass initial state by first argument to create an atom.

import { action } from '@reatom/core'
import { mapPayload } from '@reatom/lens'

export const onInput = action('onInput')
export const inputAtom = onInput.pipe(
  mapPayload('', (ctx, event) => event.currentTarget.value, 'inputAtom'),


Map fulfilled value of async action call. Resulted action is not callable.

import { mapPayloadAwaited } from '@reatom/lens'

export const newData = fetchData.pipe(mapPayloadAwaited())
// OR pick needed value
export const newData = fetchData.pipe(
  mapPayloadAwaited((ctx, response) =>,

You could pass initial state by first argument to create an atom.

import { mapPayloadAwaited } from '@reatom/lens'

export const dataAtom = fetchList.pipe(
  mapPayloadAwaited((ctx, response) =>,


Create action which map input to passed action / atom.

import { atom } from '@reatom/core'
import { mapInput } from '@reatom/lens'

export const inputAtom = atom('', 'inputAtom')
export const changeInput = inputAtom.pipe(
  mapInput((ctx, event) => event.currentTarget.value, 'changeInput'),


Delay updates by timeout.

import { action } from '@reatom/core'
import { debounce, mapPayload } from '@reatom/lens'

export const startAnimation = action()
export const endAnimation = startAnimation.pipe(debounce(250))


Delay updates until other atom update / action call.

This code is taken from this example.

import { mapPayload, sample } from '@reatom/lens'

export const lastRequestTimeAtom = fetchData.pipe(
  mapPayload(0, () =>, 'fetchStartAtom'),
  mapState((ctx, start) => start && - start, 'lastRequestTimeAtom'),


Convert an action to atom with optional init state.

import { mapPayloadAwaited, toAtom } from '@reatom/lens'

export const dataAtom = fetchData.pipe(mapPayloadAwaited(), toAtom([]))


Removes all extra properties, useful for exports cleaning.

import { plain } from '@reatom/lens'

const _fetchData = reatomFetch('...')

// ... some module logic with `_fetchData.retry` etc

// allow external modules only fetch data and not manage it by other ways
export const fetchData = _fetchData.pipe(plain)


Removes all callable signature, useful for exports cleaning.

import { readonly } from '@reatom/lens'

const _countAtom = atom(0)
export const changeCount = action((ctx) => {
  // the module extra logic here

// disallow atom to be mutated outside the module
export const countAtom = _countAtom.pipe(readonly)


Jsonify atomized structure. Needed for parse values of deep structures with nested atoms. Useful for snapshots. Will be reactive if the passed ctx is CtxSpy.

parseAtoms snapshot example

import { action, atom, Action, AtomMut } from '@reatom/core'
import { onUpdate, withInit } from '@reatom/hooks'
import { parseAtoms, ParseAtoms } from '@reatom/lens'

export type Field = {
  id: number;
  name: string;
  value: AtomMut<string>;
  remove: Action;

const KEY = "FIELDS";
const fromLS = () => {
  const snap = localStorage.getItem(KEY);
  if (!snap) return [];
  const json: ParseAtoms<Array<Field>> = JSON.parse(snap);
  return{ id, name, value }) => getField(id, name, value));
const toLS = action((ctx) => {
  const list = parseAtoms(ctx, listAtom);
  localStorage.setItem(KEY, JSON.stringify(list));
}, "toLS");

const getField = (id: number, name: string, value: string): Field => {
  // ...

export const listAtom = atom(new Array<Field>(), "listAtom").pipe(
onUpdate(listAtom, toLS);

parseAtoms shortcut example

It could be handy to use parseAtoms to reduce the amount of “read atom” code.

For example, we have a few-fields structure.

interface User {
  name: AtomMut<string>
  bio: AtomMut<string>
  website: AtomMut<string>
  address: AtomMut<string>

How could you display it without parseAtoms?

import { useAtom } from '@reatom/npm-react'

export const User = ({ user }: { user: User }) => {
  const [name] = useAtom(
  const [bio] = useAtom(
  const [website] = useAtom(
  const [address] = useAtom(user.address)

  return <form>...</form>

How could parseAtoms helps you?

import { parseAtoms } from '@reatom/lens'
import { useAtom, useAction } from '@reatom/npm-react'

export const User = ({ user }: { user: User }) => {
  const [{ name, bio, website, address }] = useAtom((ctx) =>
    parseAtoms(ctx, user),

  return <form>...</form>


Bind context to stable function.

import { action, createCtx } from '@reatom/core'
import { bind } from '@reatom/lens'

const doSome = action()
const ctx = createCtx()

export handleSome = bind(ctx, doSome)

// 123

bind(ctx, doSome) === bind(ctx, doSome)
// true


Adds reset action to reset the atom state.

For example, clear state after all dependencies and subscribers are gone.

import { atom } from '@reatom/core'
import { withReset } from '@reatom/lens'
import { onDisconnect } from '@reatom/hooks'

export const dataAtom = atom([], 'dataAtom').pipe(withReset())
onDisconnect(dataAtom, dataAtom.reset)