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Tiny logger with a couple nice configurations.

included in @reatom/framework



All atoms and actions with names or without underscore logs automatically

import { connectLogger, createLogBatched } from '@reatom/logger'
// OR
// optional configuration
// the length of the atom history (patches) to store
history: 10,
// `false` by default to made your logs short
showCause: false,
// `true` by default to made your logs clear
skipUnnamed: true,
// fine tuning :)
skip: (patch: AtomCache) => false,
// `createLogBatched` by default to not spam you a lot
// you could pass regular `console.log` here
log: createLogBatched(
// optional configuration
// 500ms by default
debounce: 500,
// 5000ms by default, it helps to not stuck with WS and so on
limit: 5000,
// `toLocaleTimeString` by default
getTimeStamp: () => new Date().toLocaleTimeString()
log: console.log,
// `true` by default to group logs by name
shouldGroup: true,
// You could customize a logs group: `Reatom ${domain}N transactions`
domain: '',

Every log record includes a number in the start of the name to fix autosorting keys in a console.

Here is how it looks like (from this example):

logger console output